English for Computers and the Internet

This course is for IT professionals and students who want to improve their English communication skills. It covers all the grammar, vocabulary and communication skills you need for your work, or academic career in IT. You lean and practice in 4 core English skill areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as learning all the grammar, vocabulary and functional language you need – but within the context of Information Technology

You will be able to ….

  • confidently use the vocabulary in 30 core areas of IT
  • read, write, listen and speak more effectively in each of these 30 areas
  • use your communication skills in meetings, negotiations, and informal discussions
  • improve you design and report documents, presentations and seminars
  • write reports and instructions on technical issues, to be read by low-level end users
  • explain procedures and processes to a non-technical audience
  • discuss reasons and solutions for technical problems
  • transform jargon into plain English

What will I study?

The entire program consists of 30 units (virtual lessons), whether you study in the evenings, afternoons or weekends. In your first term in the evening schedule you will study 6 units, and in the first term of your weekend schedule you will study 10 units. You can see the actual topics you will study in the schedules.

When can I study?

You can study either at the weekend, weekday afternoons or evenings.  If you study in the evenings, you take 2 x 2.5 hour classes per week, and do 1 hours homework each week.  If you study in the afternoons or weekends, you  have 1 x 3 hour class per week, and up to 3 hours per week homework.


What’s the timetable?


What are the entry requirements?

You must be at AUA level 5 and pass a 1 hour test. The test is based on the teaching material you use in the classroom. We just need to know that you will be able to cope with the course

How am I assessed during the course?

You will complete 8 tests during the whole program. You will need to pass these and attend classes regularly to progress to the next level

Schedule for the evening program


Schedule for the afternoon and weekend program

If you want to know more contact AUA Pattaya