The Chog Anan

The Chog Ana is my favorite restaurant.  It’s an open air place on the Sukumvit Road in Pattaya, half way between South Pattaya Road (Pattaya Tai), and Pattaya Klang.  It’s good because it’s just across the road from where I live.  The clientele are mostly Thai, with a few foreigners from time to time.  They project football matches or soap operas on the white wall opposite.  The food is Thai, of course – mostly sea food.  A lot of it is really hot so you have to be careful.  The staff all wear green polo shirts and blue jeans.  They are very friendly, but they don’t speak English.

I went there this evening after work.  Noi served me.  She’s my favorite waitress because she always gets my order right.  I had pad poei sian, some rice (khao suay – beautiful rice!), and a bottle of water (nam bao – empty water!).  Pad poei sian is calamari and squid (I think).  It comes in a tasty red sauce which isn’t hot at all – just a bit spicy.  It didn’t cost a lot, about 125 baht.  It was early, about 5.30, so there weren’t many people there.  I just sat and watched the Bangkokians driving home.  They seem to like the seafood restaurants in Jomtien.  I do too, but the Chog Ana is closer and friendlier!


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