Copyright this!

At the American Museum of Natural History.

Copyright laws shouldn’t apply to the Internet.  This public internet was designed for the free sharing of information. The Internet would not be possible without the free sharing of code and know-how needed for it to function.  It irks me to read copyright notices from various artist who have put there material on the Net.

Would photographers stop taking photos if they couldn’t get paid for them?  Would musicians stop making music if they couldn’t get a royalty?  I don’t think so.  If you go back two hundred years, artist either painted because they simply wanted to, or because someone paid them to paint something.  They were paid once, and that was it.  Musicians were paid for a single performance.  Now they dream of becoming mega rich because they look cool and can string a few cords.

I get paid for the work I do, like most people.  I don’t record a lesson and expect my grandchildren to live freely of the royalties.  I also have a website.  It costs me about a dollar a month.  The material is of use to a few people, mostly students and other teachers.  I sometimes get letters from people asking to advertise on my site.  I tell them to go away.  Because I don’t believe that everything in the world has to have a price.  It can be just done.

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